Carmen – 1, Insomnia – 0


I used to deal with insomnia a lot, like a lot a lot. Some nights I would toss and turn for hours and the next day I was expected to get up and go to work, ugh. This went on for years and I was getting pretty desperate. I would take those OTC sleeping pills, but they didn’t help much. I tried melatonin, again, not much help. I was ready to run to my doctor for something that would help me sleep, until I got help from a friend of mine that was teaching me about natural remedies, homeopathic, herbs, and other things. She told me about magnesium. Let me just say magnesium is MAGIC!

But, magnesium has some friends that need to go along for the ride. Magnesium needs calcium and vitamin D to really do its job. I buy magnesium citrate powder and vitamin D drops from The Vitamin Shoppe near me. There are a couple of different kinds of calcium available, but there’s one specific kind that’s best to take and that’s calcium citrate. Of course, I can’t give you any advice on how much of everything, but the containers have dosage recommendations on them and of course your doctor might be able to help you too. I’m not any sort of medical professional or anything. This is just what has worked for me.

I also take lots of Epsom salt baths and use a magnesium oil topically, just on the bottom of my feet. And, we found out that Lavender essential oil on the bottom of your feet can help too. I learned the hard way, if you take too much magnesium citrate, it can cause some *ahem*, bowel issues.

Of course, a magnesium deficiency doesn’t just cause insomnia. This link here explains what a magnesium deficiency can do to us. Unfortunately, the soil our produce is grown in is so depleted of minerals like magnesium, that we need to supplement them.

I hope this information helps you if you’ve been dealing with insomnia or other health concerns. Perhaps it’s something you can discuss with your doctor.

PS-I AM NOT a doctor. I don’t claim to know anything other than what’s worked for me. I’m only sharing my personal experience here folks. Thanks!

Mistakes Can Turn Out Beautifully

A lot of my ideas for jewelry designs come from books/tutorials, especially when I’m creating with polymer clay. A few years ago I was thumbing through one of my many books/tutorial. Of course, now I can’t remember exactly where I found the project I’m talking about.

Anyway, I came across a project that caught my attention. I had all the supplies and materials available, so I gathered them up as fast as I could and got to work. As I neared the end of the project I realized something…I hadn’t followed the steps 100%.

At first I thought it was going to be a disaster and all I’d have to show for it was a lump of sparkly useless clay. But, I decided I’d finish the project anyway and see how it came out. To my excitement and surprise, it came out more beautifully than the photos in the project! It’s a faux opal look that I fell in love with.

Here it is…


I don’t know that I could ever produce the same results unless I went through some trial and error to figure out how I could get consistent results every time. So, it’s truly one of my one of a kind pieces and part of me doesn’t want to part with it, but I don’t have anything to wear it with. And, after all, I  AM making this jewelry to sell and make money, right? Right! So, it’s listed!!

Giving This Another Go



If anyone knows me, they know I like to talk, and write. Sometimes I try writing stories, just for myself really, but if I trust you enough, I might let you read them. I really enjoyed pen pal letters and that’s something I had been doing since about 2008, but recently decided I need to take a break from that.

I figured blogging would be something I could naturally fall into doing because I like to write. But, I find that when I give myself a subject to write a post about I get stuck or bored. I tried this once just a few months ago, but I didn’t stick with it.

Of course a jewelry blog would be about my jewelry, but here’s the thing…when I sit down to make jewelry guess what I forget to do? You guessed it, take pictures of what I’m working on so I can write a post about it! Anyone else have this problem?

My phone stays pretty near me, so not having the ability to take photos isn’t the problem. If you’re my friend on Facebook or Google Plus, you’ll see how much I post pictures and videos of my son. I have no excuse other than I just don’t do it. Shame on Carmen.

BUT, just jewelry might be get boring for me after a while, so I thought I’d throw in some stuff about my interest in natural self-care, home remedies, whole food and healthy eating and possibly about homeschooling my son as he grows up. And the other night while I was driving and listening to some music I was struck by an idea to share a post every Sunday about a song that inspires me. Mostly Christian songs probably, but once in a while I might throw in a song by another favorite artist, possibly on a Saturday. Hmmm, maybe that will be a monthly post I can do? See, ideas come to me even while I’m in the midst of writing, lol.

So, from here on out I’m really going to *try* to remember to grab my phone and document what I’m doing if I’m working on my jewelry. Even if I’m doing something like photographing jewelry or listing items on my shop. Here’s the link by the way: And there’s a 15% off coupon code that’s good until Mother’s day “formymama”. So make sure you head over to my shop and take advantage of it!

I haven’t quite figured out the rest of my posting schedule, but I can guarantee there will probably be some pretty random posts until I get things figured out!