Consignment Shops and Why They Work For Us


Consignment shops and second hand shops like Goodwill are two different things in my book. I think most people would agree with that. I prefer going to Consignment shops, especially when I’m looking for clothes for my son. He’ll be two soon (REALLY!?) and it seems like not long after my mom and I go through the pain staking process of finding him clothes he’s starting to outgrow them. Yes, I know, children grow like weeds. That is my number one reason to shop second hand.

There are times I’ll buy new clothes for him, but I usually look for things on clearance or discounted in some way. Being a single mom and not having a steady income, I can’t tell you how grateful I am for my mom’s help. BUT money is tight, so buying these new expensive clothes from Carter’s and such isn’t usually an option. These days I think Target is a big deal when shopping for new clothes for him. Yes, we shop at Wal-Mart, a lot. But it’s affordable and we have to stretch pennies as much as we can.

Another reason is that a lot of children are hard on their clothes, especially boys. Now my son isn’t quite at that stage yet, but I know soon enough he will be. I don’t want to stifle his fun because I’m worried about staining a pair of $20 jeans or ripping a $15 shirt. I mean, really, what’s the point in spending that much on clothes for children that will stain them up and get holes in them? Yes, some nice pieces are a good thing to have, but again, why the high prices?? That’s why I love the clearance racks. I shop ahead and off season so I can find better deals.

My mom really likes to look at clothes for him while she’s out and sometimes comes home with the cutest things. We really need to get out together soon though so we can look at clothes for him together and look at boots. The pair I bought at the Consignment shop are already too small! And he hasn’t even worn them out of the house yet!

I also love going back to Consignment shops, especially Once Upon A Child and selling them some of his clothes. They’re pretty picky about what they’ll take, which is good when buying (I’ve found items with tags still on them), but can be frustrating when selling because something that looks perfectly good to you they may not take. It’s also a good idea to find out what seasons they’re buying for before dragging bags or bins full of clothes down there only to find out they’re not buying for the season you have.

I’d love to know if you shop at Consignment shops and why you prefer it (if you do) over buying new. Feedback and comments are always welcome!



  1. midlifeblogger · October 8

    I take our gently-used clothing to a consignment store so I can reinvest the proceeds. The thrift stores around us aren’t always such a good deal anymore. Sometimes they’re as much as buying something new off of a clearance rack, so it really pays to shop around.


    • Carmen Nichole · October 10

      I don’t much like the second hand shops anymore either. There’s one that’s walking distance from us, but they don’t care about the condition of the items they sell so sometimes things will show a bit too much wear for my liking or will have slight staining. And, as you said, sometimes prices at a second hand store aren’t much lower than clearance racks, which means you could just buy new clothes on clearance instead! lol Thanks for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

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  2. Sarah Jacot · October 10

    Consignment shops are my favorite! Who doesn’t like to take a trip to the past and rediscover old goodies?! Your reasoning behind shopping at consignment stores was great! I never thought about consigning my own clothes until now!


    • Carmen Nichole · October 10

      I love consigning my son’s old clothes as long as they’re still in good shape. Sometimes I’ll see if other mom friends are in need first, but getting a few dollars for some of his clothes is really helpful and I can use that money to buy more clothes for him! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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