Polymer Clay Challenge 2017 Week 4


So, I’m late with this post, I know. This past week was busy and I didn’t get much claying done, so I used one of the tube beads I turned into a necklace as my Week 4 Polymer Clay Challenge 2017 piece. I was working in my studio yesterday and the day before, but the pieces I made didn’t turn out. A few of them even got scorched in the oven. (Phooie!) But I was able to go to the craft store last night and pick up some more clay in the same color so I’m going to try making the same thing again (hopefully). I was playing with some torpedo shaped beads, I made a pendant and a couple of smaller ones for a pair of earrings, but all three of them got scorched in the oven. I made some round beads to go with them and they were just fine. They all baked together, so I’m not sure why the torpedo beads burned, but the round ones didn’t. Oh well, live and learn.


Keep coming back every week to see my new pieces and keep an eye out at my shop for new pieces to be listed soon!

PS-Don’t forget to enter the giveaway over on my Facebook page! It runs until Valentine’s Day!


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