Polymer Clay Challenge 2017 Week 5


So, this past week I went a little crazy with Mokume Gane and figuring out how to use most of the scraps I had left over. I’d say I was pretty successful for the most part. I have a thing for Mokume Gane, I always have, ever since I first discovered it. I guess because the possibilities are endless and there’s always a fun surprise when the clay is sliced.

If you’re not sure what Mokume Gane is and haven’t seen it demonstrated before, I’d be happy to create a photo tutorial and show you the step by step process of how I do it. There really isn’t a “right” or “wrong” way as far as I know. Just leave a comment below if you want to see how I achieve some of the funky patterns in my pieces.

Besides the Mokume Gane this week, I also played around with some alcohol inks, which is what I’ll be posting as my week 5 project. I have a few pendants and a pair of earrings I made using the alcohol inks in a really fun and easy way.


Also, make sure to get over to my Facebook page and enter the giveaway that runs until Valentine’s Day! In a few days I’ll be revealing the prize for the giveaway, so keep your eyes peeled! That will go up on my Facebook page as well as all the crazy stuff I did with the Mokume Gane too!


One comment

  1. Kat · February 6

    I love polymer clay craft- I make some pendants too:) I really like those earrings, they are nice:)

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