Consignment Shops and Why They Work For Us


Consignment shops and second hand shops like Goodwill are two different things in my book. I think most people would agree with that. I prefer going to Consignment shops, especially when I’m looking for clothes for my son. He’ll be two soon (REALLY!?) and it seems like not long after my mom and I go through the pain staking process of finding him clothes he’s starting to outgrow them. Yes, I know, children grow like weeds. That is my number one reason to shop second hand.

There are times I’ll buy new clothes for him, but I usually look for things on clearance or discounted in some way. Being a single mom and not having a steady income, I can’t tell you how grateful I am for my mom’s help. BUT money is tight, so buying these new expensive clothes from Carter’s and such isn’t usually an option. These days I think Target is a big deal when shopping for new clothes for him. Yes, we shop at Wal-Mart, a lot. But it’s affordable and we have to stretch pennies as much as we can.

Another reason is that a lot of children are hard on their clothes, especially boys. Now my son isn’t quite at that stage yet, but I know soon enough he will be. I don’t want to stifle his fun because I’m worried about staining a pair of $20 jeans or ripping a $15 shirt. I mean, really, what’s the point in spending that much on clothes for children that will stain them up and get holes in them? Yes, some nice pieces are a good thing to have, but again, why the high prices?? That’s why I love the clearance racks. I shop ahead and off season so I can find better deals.

My mom really likes to look at clothes for him while she’s out and sometimes comes home with the cutest things. We really need to get out together soon though so we can look at clothes for him together and look at boots. The pair I bought at the Consignment shop are already too small! And he hasn’t even worn them out of the house yet!

I also love going back to Consignment shops, especially Once Upon A Child and selling them some of his clothes. They’re pretty picky about what they’ll take, which is good when buying (I’ve found items with tags still on them), but can be frustrating when selling because something that looks perfectly good to you they may not take. It’s also a good idea to find out what seasons they’re buying for before dragging bags or bins full of clothes down there only to find out they’re not buying for the season you have.

I’d love to know if you shop at Consignment shops and why you prefer it (if you do) over buying new. Feedback and comments are always welcome!

What We Did for My 35th Birthday

What We Did for My 35th Birthday

So, if you recall my previous post about needing some “me” time and just wanting one day to sleep in, this is sort of related to that. That post talked about my mom’s reaction when my friend brought up the idea of me sleeping in for my birthday and how my mom acted like it would be a terrible idea.

WELL, my mom came to me just before my birthday and asked me if I’d still like to be able to sleep in for my birthday. WHAT!? Lol Yes, she did that. I was pleasantly surprised and I took her up on the offer. We initially talked about letting me sleep until around 9 am and I’d be able to get up, get my coffee and breakfast, then retreat back into my room for another hour or two to do whatever I wanted, like write. That sounded like an awesome idea to me!

But, guess what actually happened? I slept in until 8 am, so that’s pretty close. I didn’t get to relax in my room after that though. It was my idea to change the plan, so I have no complaints. I heard about a HUGE grab bag sale at the consignment shop in our area, Once Upon A Child and I wanted to go so I could get some clothes for my son. Seeing as he’s growing like a weed, he needs clothes!

It started at 10am, as soon as their doors opened and customers could fill a bag for only $15! They also had shoes for 50% off! I filled two bags AND got him 3 or 4 pairs of shoes! I did splurge just a tad and picked up a couple of things that weren’t included in the sale. Even without the grab bag sale, Once Upon A Child has great deals for gently used children’s items. I’ve found clothes there that still had the store tags on them! I spent roughly $30 on everything, but without the sale everything I bought would have been well over $100!!

When I first got there, just after 10am there was a small crowd outside already and because it’s mid-July it was already hot and gross out, and I DID NOT want to wait outside. SO, I drove over to Michael’s to do a tiny bit of crafty shopping, just for half an hour or so. I didn’t have money to spend on much, but I picked up a few small items that were on clearance.

When I got back to Once Upon A Child I was able to get inside, but it was CROWDED to say the least. I took 2 bags from the woman that greeted me and got to work filling them. Most of my time in the store was spent waiting in line of course, but I was out by about lunch time, so it wasn’t terrible.

After I got home and fed my son (he was refusing to eat for my mom), we packed up and headed to Annapolis to do a little shopping and have lunch. We stopped for lunch first since my mom and I were STARVING (by this time it was after 2pm). We went to Target and being a mom, I picked up diapers for my son, then we wandered around. Again, being a mom, I went for the toys and found a Mega Bloks dump truck for him, lol. He has the police car one and really likes it, so I decided to get the dump truck for him too. I also found him a new board book, lol. Wait, this is supposed to be MY day, right!? Don’t we all do this as moms? LOL!

I did eventually get to women’s clothing and I found a couple of tops and a pair of pants I liked and they were on clearance too. I’ll admit, about a week or so before my birthday, I got out to the Target closer to our house and spent some of my birthday money (courtesy of mom) and picked up some Bullet Journal supplies (yes, I have a BuJo). We had planned to go to Toys R Us after our Target stop (again, being a mom first!), but it was getting late and I knew my son was tired and would be hungry soon, so we made a quick stop to visit my dad at the nursing home, then came home.

In the past my mom and I would spend our birthdays together doing things like going shopping for some clothes or getting manicures and pedicures. Now however, I wouldn’t expect my one and a half year old to tolerate that for very long, especially getting our nails done. Plus, since I’ve made the switch to natural products, using the moisturizers and other products in salons will irritate my skin and the smell of the chemicals at the nail salons give me a terrible headache. I’d also much rather save the money and do my nails at home, especially since I’ve recently discovered I can use washi tape on my nails!! That will be an upcoming post soon, I’m waiting for my non-toxic clear polish to arrive from Amazon! I have some awesome washi tape that will look super cute on my nails!

The next day made me smile because I got a surprise phone call. Did I tell you I have an older sister? Probably not, but I do. She is married and they have 5 (yes 5!) kids, 4 girls and a boy (the youngest). Naturally, they keep their parents busy. My sister called the next day apologizing a bunch of times for not calling the day before, on my actual birthday. Honestly, I don’t recall calling her on her birthday, unless my mom did, so, yeah. I wasn’t upset with her at all because I know they tend to have a full schedule, especially now that it’s summer. She told me how they had softball games all day for a couple of the girls so they were out late and she slept until around 11 or 12. She said she meant to call me so many times the day before but just didn’t do it. I thought she was going to cry or something. I kept telling her that it was ok and I wasn’t upset with her about it. It really made my day, to say the least. She and I are about 15 years apart, so we’re not SUPER close, but we love each other to pieces and her kids mean the world to me.

Anyway, it was a great weekend, even if it didn’t go as planned. Heck, my dad even called me the next day and said he hadn’t realized it was my birthday the day before when we were there visiting, lol! And it was a lot of fun seeing posts from my friends on Facebook sending birthday wishes, plus I share my birthday with a few other ladies too! So, that’s how my birthday went! I’d love comments if you want to leave them, or even send me an email! I really do love feedback from my readers!!

Can Mom Get A Timeout??


So, next month is my birthday, I’ll be 35. I have no problem sharing my age with my readers. One of my best friends was visiting a couple of weeks ago and we were talking about what I wanted for my birthday. Being a single stay at home mom, my entire world pretty much revolves around my son from 8am until 8pm 7 days a week. Granted, he naps most days from 2pm until 4:30pm. I use that time to shower and straighten up, and sometimes I take a nap. But for the most part my son gets most of my attention and I manage to squeeze in some blogging time here and there, but for the most part I write after he’s in bed or sometimes while he naps. I’m not a morning person, so I’m lucky to be out of bed and moving by 7:30am. This gives me enough time to make some coffee and sit for about 10 minutes before I get my son up for the day.

My friend asked me if I’d enjoy being able to sleep in on my birthday and even have a few hours to myself to do whatever I wanted. I told her that would be great. For those of you that don’t know, we live with my mom. I love my mom and she helps me a lot with my son, but he’s very attached to me, so there are certain things only I can do. The big one is feed him. Anyway, when she asked me about that I started thinking about it. Granted I love my son and most of the time I don’t mind the fact that my days more or less revolve around him until he goes to bed.

When my mom got home that night my friend mentioned the fact that it would be really nice if my mom would let me sleep in on my birthday and she’d get my son up in the morning and take care of him. The reaction from my mom would have made you think we’d asked her to cut off a limb. She started going on about how she works full time and she’s tired all the time and it would be hard for her to get him up and fed in the morning so I could have just a couple of hours to sleep in and relax. I didn’t say anything or make a big deal of it, but it sort of hurt my feelings. If I were married I’d hope to have the type of husband who would understand that there are times I need a break from being mom all the time. But I guess because it’s my mom and not my spouse, it’s not something I should expect.

I mean, she’s always saying how she doesn’t get as much time with him as she’d like, so I sort of thought maybe, just maybe, she’d be willing to do this. She knows I don’t just sit around all day doing nothing. Along with taking care of my son I make sure the dishes get cleaned up and put away, I try to write blog posts and I try to make jewelry as well as help with putting laundry away and fixing dinner for us. I’m also the one that goes out and does the grocery shopping, which takes most of the day. I’m really starting to feel burnt out and having just a few hours once in a while to do whatever I want would be wonderful. My mom usually takes at least one day week and spends it with her friends doing whatever it is she wants. This usually includes a nap, a meal and a movie or just general relaxing.

I don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression about any of this. I truly love my son more than anything in the world and my mom too. The fact that she supports us in every single way is a huge blessing that I can’t thank her enough for. But sometimes I feel like asking her if I deserve a break at all. Are there any other stay at home moms, married or single, that feel this way?

Thanks for reading my blog and please feel free to comment on my posts or even send me a comment personally. I love feedback!