June’s Shop Challenge Purchase


This week’s post probably isn’t going to be very long. We did a yard sale this weekend and I totally exhausted myself. BUT, I bought something from Lu & Ed since I’m participating in the StorEnvy Once a Month Challenge.

I started out by visiting the StorEnvy shops that decided to participate in this monthly challenge so I could see what they had to offer. The more I looked the more I thought my first purchase should be for my son.

Plus, since Cody was the one that wrote about the idea to do this and I got the inspiration to participate from her, I figured I’d buy from her first, lol. Some of the stuffies are ones that I wouldn’t mind getting for myself! Did I mention I can be a big kid sometimes? 😀

So, I chose one of the library totes and my son loved it when I gave it to him. Granted he’s only 19 months, so he’s not really going to the library or anything yet, but he was having fun putting a couple of his toys inside and taking them out again. I think when he gets older he’ll love toting it around when we go out.

I haven’t yet decided what next month’s purchase will be, but I’m thinking it’ll be a piece of handmade jewelry for myself. Next month is my birthday! And even though I make jewelry, I love supporting others that make jewelry because I find pieces I love that I’d never be able to make myself.

Thanks for reading my blog and please feel free to comment on my posts or even send me a comment personally. I love feedback! Don’t forget to use the code “shopchallenge” at checkout to save 10% on your order at my shop!!

Joining the Once a Month StorEnvy Challenge

StorEnvy screenshot.png

I saw this post in one of my blog groups on Facebook and I decided to jump on board. Hopefully it will help a lot of small business owners, myself included. It’s all about supporting small business owners, specifically those who have a StorEnvy Marketplace. We’re going to purchase one item a month from shop owners, even if it’s a small purchase, it helps with exposure so consumers can find our shops and purchase from us.

The person that told me about it has her shop here. I love the monsters she makes and I plan on buying one for my son this month. I really think he’ll get a kick out of it. Oh, and this link will take you to the blog post she wrote for this challenge.

I had hoped this post would be longer, but my brain doesn’t want to let me write today! I hope other shop owners will help the cause and join the challenge along with us! AND if you shop with me, you can save 10% by using the code “shopchallenge” at checkout! So head on over and do some shopping to help us small business owners!
Thanks for reading my blog and please feel free to comment on my posts or even send me a comment personally. I love feedback!