Paint Nite: Girl’s Night Out

Paint Nite- Girl's Night Out

On July 22nd I enjoyed a rare girl’s night out with some friends. One was a friend I went to school with and the others were new friends I made that night while we were out. We had a lot of fun and it was nice to be out for a few hours with some adults. My mom was willing to watch my son so I was able to go out.

We paid ahead of time and made reservations online. We got there early, had a chance to chat, a few of us had a bite to eat and most of us enjoyed a glass of wine while we painted. I think there were around 30 of us. It was a bit crowded, but we all had a great time.

The instructor was great and she even painted along with us. We all had a different interpretation of the painting we were doing, but they all looked great when we were finished. I talked to the guy that was assisting everyone (getting us more paint and paper towels, even offering pointers) about a frame for my painting. He said that IKEA has frames for about $10 that fit the canvas size we used that night perfectly. I haven’t gotten there to check them out yet, but I’d like to soon.

Right now my painting is hanging on a nail in my bedroom and I still catch myself admiring it from time to time. There was one woman whose painting went completely wackadoodle and she wound up with a sort of butterfly or moth looking thing that was purple, rather than the ladybug on her flower and it was big! But it looked really awesome all the same. I had thought about making the background or flower a different color, but I stuck with the original colors and I love mine.

Paint Nite

Everyone hung around for a bit afterwards and there were lots of pictures taken for the Paint Nite Facebook page and just for the heck of it by attendees. We took a couple of group pictures that aren’t shown here because I didn’t bother to ask if I could use them on my blog. It’s really not a big deal.

Our group was talking about possibly going somewhere else to hang out for a bit, maybe get a little something sweet, but ultimately we all decided it was getting late and we’d rather just head home. My friend that invited me had a small belated birthday gift for me too. That was really nice of her, it was a necklace.

I’d really love to try this again in the near future and maybe get a few of my friends together to do it. Thanks very much for reading my blog! Feel free to send any feedback and as always, please leave comments or even send me an email as I love to hear from my readers!

July’s StorEnvy Challenge Purchase

July's Shop Challenge Purchase

So I realize this post is late since we’re well into August now, but I DID buy these in July, even if it was the last few days of July! Lol I have been thinking about ear cuffs recently, making my own as well as buying some from other artisans as well. I did some searching on StorEnvy and found these simple but really pretty silver ear cuffs that I fell in love with. I love that they’re offered as singles (left or right) as well as a pair. I decided to get a pair so I could wear a cuff on either ear, or both! Here’s a collage of the pictures I took that are in the title photo, but without the effects added:


She included a small thank you card with a hand written note inside which I thought was just awesome! I loved the packaging as well, simple but very elegant and it did a great job at protecting the war cuffs. If you’re not familiar with wire, it’s not difficult to bend it out of shape most of the time so it’s important to package it properly to keep it looking as it should.

I’m really happy with my purchase and I think I’ll be exploring this shop a bit more to see if there’s anything else I might want to add to my collection. Even though I make jewelry I’ve always enjoyed buying handmade jewelry from others because we all have a different style and some jewelry makers create things I’d never dream of trying, or don’t have the ability to make for various reasons.

Keep an eye out for my August StorEnvy purchase and blog post that follows! I’m still trying to decide what I want to buy for this month! Thanks very much for reading my blog! Feel free to send any feedback and as always, please leave comments or even send me an email as I love to hear from my readers!

What Do I Have to Fear?


Royal Tailor – You Are My Rescue

With God, nothing. Even when I feel like He’s not with me, He is. It’s taken me a very long time to realize that. Even when I wasn’t doing things that pleased Him. There may not be some big sign from God to let us know that He’s watching over us, that’s what this song reminds us about. He’s always faithful.

Every single day we fail or fall and God is there, right on time. He’s not late and He’s never far away. I know many times a day I feel like I fail Him, but that’s ok. I worry about raising my son and teaching him everything about life. But with God I know I don’t need to worry about that. Sometimes I lose patience with my son because he doesn’t listen, but I need to remember that he’s only a year and a half old and still has a lot to learn.

I try not to focus on my fears too much because they’ll consume me and all I’ll do is worry, but sometimes they creep in. I worry about homeschooling my son. I worry about helping my mom financially because I can’t find work right now. I worry about raising my son by myself and wonder if I’ll ever get married. I even worry about how I’ll explain his father to my son when he gets older and asks, because I know that day will come eventually.

But then I remember that God tells us to give our worries and fears to Him and not to keep dwelling on them because He has everything under control. That’s what this song reminds me about. So when I get too consumed by my fears I stop and talk to God about it and ask Him to give me peace and help me be patient as I do my best to keep busy while I wait.

What are some fears that you have? Feel free to leave some of them in the comments so I can pray for you too! Thanks for reading my blog and please feel free to comment on my posts or even send me a comment personally. I love feedback!

My Son Deserves the Best Mommy Ever


By best mommy ever, I mean health-wise. Up until I had him, I didn’t think too much about why I was so overweight. Most people told me it was because it ran in my dad’s family, and I believed them. Well, that may be partly true, but I know that there has to be something I can do to change the situation I’m in. The past year or so I’ve made a commitment to eat real food and cut out processed convenience foods, and for the most part I’ve done really well.

Naturally, we all slip sometimes, but I have 100% cut out soda, refined sugar, and fast food like McDonald’s, Wendy’s. Burger King, or any other place with a drive-thru. I’d say a good 80-90% of the food in my house is organic, my mom will bring in whatever she pleases and I don’t really try to stop her because that will cause arguments, and it is her house after all. I do however try to encourage her to find healthier alternatives and sometimes it works.

A couple of months ago a friend of mine introduced me to Young Living essential oils. At first she told me about diffusing them and how that can help with energy, concentration and mood. Plus, using oils in cleaning products makes them smell amazing and some of them do have antibacterial properties for cleaning and can even be used in beauty products like soap, shampoos and moisturizers.

Most recently we’ve discovered there are a handful of oils that help support digestion. They are peppermint, grapefruit, lemon and lemongrass. I’m only using lemon and peppermint right now, but grapefruit and lemongrass are on my list to buy ASAP. I put a few drops of lemon in my water every day along with some dandelion leaf glycerine tincture that I make myself. I also put a few drops of peppermint in a capsule and pop that every day. Well, not every day now, initially I took it every day for about a week, but now I’m doing every other day.

Along with the oils, I’m also taking special herbal supplements to help balance my body, get my metabolism working and get rid of many deficiencies we’ve found can hinder weight loss and cause weight gain. I’m noticing an improvement in my sleep (that’s also thanks to magnesium), my energy levels and my joint and back pain. At this moment I know I weigh in the 250lb range, but I’m hoping that by being more active and doing the other things I’m doing, I’ll start seeing the pounds melt away.

If anyone is interested in finding out more information please don’t hesitate to drop me a line: You can also sign up to become a distributor for Young Living, like I did, by following this link: I appreciate any feedback I get so please feel free to leave a comment!

PS-I’d post a current picture, but I’m kind of embarrassed, so maybe once I lose some weight I’ll be brave enough! Lol


I’m not a certified Holistic Practitioner of any kind, I’m only sharing what a close friend of mine, who is a Holistic Health Practitioner, has been recommending to me and has been helping me. I’m not recommending anyone try anything I’ve been doing, I’m only sharing what has worked for me so far. Also, I’m a new distributor for Young Living, so if anyone finds anything wrong with something I’ve said (as far as FDA compliance goes), please let me know as I don’t want to get in trouble. I don’t claim that anything I’ve said will treat, cure, or heal any health issues. Make sure you consult a qualified Practitioner before trying anything I’ve been doing.

Holidays As A Jewelry Designer


Inspiration can come from the oddest places and hit at the oddest of times. It’s nearly 10 o’clock at night and I’m getting ready to go to bed when I decide I want to show my mom some of the jewelry supplies I recently purchased. I’ve been splurging lately on some much needed supplies and Fire Mountain Gems and Beads is one of my favorite places to shop.

In the past I made these really pretty, yet simple Christmas tree earrings and I’d sell them at fairs. They were usually pretty popular and my mom even bought a few pairs from me. (No matter how much I insist, my mom ALWAYS insists on paying for jewelry that she gets from me, but I give her a discount.) She loved wearing them to work (she works in retail) and people would always ask her where she got them. Naturally she’d tell them that her daughter made them and that she makes all kinds of jewelry. Well, that resulted in a few sales here and there.

Just a few weeks ago my mom came to me and asked me about making more of the Christmas tree earrings so she could possibly sell them at work. I thought about it and decided to go for it and I ordered some supplies from FMGB for the earrings. That’s what I was showing her tonight when the subject of creating products with the upcoming holidays in mind.

I love the holidays, most of the time. A lot of the commercialism gets to me some, but there’s not much I can do about it, so I just suck it up. Plus, if I’m going to be selling products, I’m going to be in the thick of some of that commercialism to a point. But, I’ve always found it hard to work on things for holidays months in advance.

I’ve never been able to really wrap my mind around working on Christmas/Winter products in July, Valentine’s day products in November, Easter products in October, or Halloween/Fall products in March. I mean, I feel like it’s silly, but at the same time if I want “themed” products to sell for these holidays I need to do the work ahead of time so I have products ready to go, right? Right!

So, starting with the Christmas trees now, I’m really going to try and do better at this, but I can’t make any promises. I think maybe just starting small will be  good idea. Like trying different colors rather than something like snowflakes, bunnies, hearts, jack-o-lanterns, etc.
What are your thoughts on this subject? I love feedback and comments so please feel free to share something. I really hope you enjoy reading my blog.

Giving This Another Go



If anyone knows me, they know I like to talk, and write. Sometimes I try writing stories, just for myself really, but if I trust you enough, I might let you read them. I really enjoyed pen pal letters and that’s something I had been doing since about 2008, but recently decided I need to take a break from that.

I figured blogging would be something I could naturally fall into doing because I like to write. But, I find that when I give myself a subject to write a post about I get stuck or bored. I tried this once just a few months ago, but I didn’t stick with it.

Of course a jewelry blog would be about my jewelry, but here’s the thing…when I sit down to make jewelry guess what I forget to do? You guessed it, take pictures of what I’m working on so I can write a post about it! Anyone else have this problem?

My phone stays pretty near me, so not having the ability to take photos isn’t the problem. If you’re my friend on Facebook or Google Plus, you’ll see how much I post pictures and videos of my son. I have no excuse other than I just don’t do it. Shame on Carmen.

BUT, just jewelry might be get boring for me after a while, so I thought I’d throw in some stuff about my interest in natural self-care, home remedies, whole food and healthy eating and possibly about homeschooling my son as he grows up. And the other night while I was driving and listening to some music I was struck by an idea to share a post every Sunday about a song that inspires me. Mostly Christian songs probably, but once in a while I might throw in a song by another favorite artist, possibly on a Saturday. Hmmm, maybe that will be a monthly post I can do? See, ideas come to me even while I’m in the midst of writing, lol.

So, from here on out I’m really going to *try* to remember to grab my phone and document what I’m doing if I’m working on my jewelry. Even if I’m doing something like photographing jewelry or listing items on my shop. Here’s the link by the way: And there’s a 15% off coupon code that’s good until Mother’s day “formymama”. So make sure you head over to my shop and take advantage of it!

I haven’t quite figured out the rest of my posting schedule, but I can guarantee there will probably be some pretty random posts until I get things figured out!